Ordering Consultation Manager


Consultation Manager is delivered either on a project by project basis or as an Enterprise platform. For a detailed breakdown of the differences between the two Versions please visit our Versions page.

Enterprise Version

Consultation Manager Enterprise is a multi-project platform that enables you to build a stakeholder relationship knowledge-base across your organisation.


You should consider Enterprise if:

  • A centralised, comprehensive history of your stakeholders is crucial to your organisation
  • Your communications activities are spread across multiple sites
  • Your communications functions span several areas such as community, media, investor relations and government relations
  • Your projects have multiple phases
  • You need to view data across multiple projects simultaneously
  • You want to minimise redundancy and duplication in your data
  • You want to minimise costs when running multiple projects

If you are interested in Enterprise, please call 1300 850 058 and we will send a detailed proposal for your consideration.

Project Version

Consultation Manager Project is suitable for Consultants or organisations who need to run isolated Communications Projects that don't need to share data between them. It is priced to suit project budgets and is based on a simple, annual fee.

If you are interested in the Project Version please call us on 1300 850 058. We can have your project up and running within 24 hours.